From the ocean to the land.. from Lucky Seven to Lucky Eight

After seven years of the living and sailing on our beautiful bluewater sailboat Lucky Seven we are trying to imagine how it would feel to become a “land” people again. Transition between totally opposite lifestyles seems to be very hard.. but here we are, and we have to do that rather quickly. Our girl, Lucky Seven, is for sale now in Stuart, FL and, in couple days we are going to pick up a 2005 28 feet skoolie bus from Miami, from Mike, and will try really hard to make our new lovely home on the land. We named it Lucky Eight, to honor our love for our boat and indicate that we are ready for the new exciting adventures on the terra firma.

It took us a couple weeks to figure out the advantages and disadvantages of different sizes and styles of the school busses. We came from the idea buying an old 30 feet diesel RV and fix it for our needs, to the skoolie bus! Why? Because it would be a project, probably for four or five months, and we can design and outfit our new RV for our desires and needs. Something similar we did with Lucky Seven. When we bought it seven years ago, she pretty much did not have any electronics, solar panels, wind generator, and looked very very old and sad. While I continued working full time, Kevin devoted all his time and energy to transfer the “ugly duckling” into a powerful and very safe ocean crossing yacht. Working almost every day, it took him almost a year to finish boat refitting work. If you would like to see our boat click here

This time it will be two of us working full time on the bus, and, we hope to finish our new Lucky Eight in four months.

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