Patience, just couple more days.

Yes, we totally agree with Epictetus, and we wait. We are patiently waiting to pick up our skoolie from Mike in Miami. Because his mechanic found another little problem (there is nothing little on the bus!), and now our bus is hijacked by the mechanic shop, and, there is nobody in hurry, everybody on the Latino time in Miami, or… at least we feel this way.

It seems, that the past Tuesday (when we supposed to pick up our bus) is slowly molding into the next week’s Tuesday. However, we should not complain about being late on the bus. Because, somehow magically, past Thursday, Kevin got a call from the manager of the RV and Boat storage across the street of the Home Depot. They have a space for our new skoolie! We can work on Lucky 8 at that facility, power and water are available for our use while remodeling. The best thing about our new working place is lack of the tropical plants over our head – we will be free from mosquitos! And, even better, there is no grass on the ground. The original plan was to stay on the very green mosquito and tics infected property we found around, and .. without restroom.

Sometimes a little waiting is not so bad!

We feel like Dali’s melting clocks past days.. our time is stretching indefinitely, disappearing in nowhere… That’s demoralizing. We are loosing our eagerness to start on the remodeling of our Lucky 8. Patience is not our great trait.

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