Mt Greylock

Mt Greylock

The highest peak in Mass is Mt Greylock. But Colorado standards this may not be a mountain, but when you walk up it, it’s still big. The elevation is about 3500 feet. We started at about 1200 feet so that left us plenty to climb. We started on the east side of the mountain for it was the shortest distance up, but also the steepest. At first it wasn’t too bad, but they left the worst for last. Marina was wearing the health watch and on several occasions she was in the red, she was overheating and we had to slow a bit.

But the view as worth the trip.

To those lucky pe0ple that get to hike the Appalachian Trail get to climb Mass’s highest peak during their 5 month hike. We followed the AT about .4 miles down before our trail jetted off in a different direction back to our bus.

Our third trip up Mt Greylock was the Bellows Trail. There was not a lot of wildlife, but plenty of mushrooms and Ferns

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