Installing windows!

The most skoolies kept the original school bus windows. But we decided to switch to the RV windows… and, after installation we are not sure it was good decision. First, the RV windows we bought on Amazon and eBay are very low quality. It seems that they are done with the cheapest available materials, and feel more like one time use toy than the window that could withstand rain and movement of the bus. Second, the installation of the windows was disaster… there were not any fitting bolts and nuts with the windows, and we had to improvise on the spot. Well, all six windows are in, and will see how long they will last.

Two months in, but still no insulation…

The work on the boat became daily routine. Sometimes we don’t remember what day it is! Working on the weekends became new normal. But for some reason we don’t see big progress on the bus. We planned to start insulation of our Lucky8 by this time! But, we are not ready yet. Well, here is what we actually accomplished for this short month: we installed a sunroof (made from Lexan), installed all six windows ( terrible experience!), installed plumbing for water and diesel heaters, water pump, pulled electrical cables for 120V and 12V, installed electrical breaker, inverter… and, of course, worked on the engine. Turned out that we have a big problem with air system on our bus. Kevin changed the air tanks and hoses, fittings, but, we still have work to do. We changed oil on our bus (that was very black dirty experience) and drained old coolant. Still, it seems, we are far away from the finish!

“Dirty jobs”

Our new house is a bus, which means it has an engine, transmission, diesel tank, batteries and air tanks. That means, there is some work has to be done under the bus, and, it’s very dirty there. Couple weeks Kevin is fighting with leaking air tank. So far, it’s not very successful. Marina is trying to clean fifteen years dirt under the bus, so Kevin would see what is going on there. Very dirty job….

Downtime is over, back to work.

And, we are back to work on the bus. Today’s goal was to put up the walls for the shower/head and closet/pantry. It doesn’t seams like a complicated task, but it was for us. Cutting the tops of the walls (3/4 inch of the plywood) to fit the curve of the ceiling was almost impossible! After couple tries, we finally got it right. As the result, we have nice four walls and our bus start looking like a house.

Good bye, Lucky Seven….

We took couple days off from Lucky 8 to work on our current home, sailboat Lucky Seven. Couple things had to be fixed on the boat before she will have the new owner. On the way to the boat yard we had a chance to sail with our jib, the last time… After fixing the problem we anchored in the nearby lake for overnight, saying good by to our companion in travel of seven years.

Heated floors in the bus? Yes, I would love that.

Today is a very exciting day for us. We are installing pex in the floor for heating bus’s floors. I would love to have this feature on the cold winter day in my future home. The process of installation is pretty easy. First, create tracks in the floor’s foam insulation (that creates a lot of sticky flying little pieces), then place pex in these tranches, then cover it with the aluminum thin plates for the better conduction of the heat in the floor, then cover by the plywood and, the subfloor is done!

Pulling wires…not fun, but has to be done.

Working on the electrical and plumbing systems is not much fun and takes time. You could not see progress of your work until you hookup the batteries, and that will happen not soon yet. For such small area it seems like a lot of wires. We pulled 250 feet of the electrical wire and had to order some more. It seems our bus will be very bright inside! We will have lights more than Christmas trees…porch light, entry light, stair light, whatever light, we got it all!

“Bed time” for the “Drill Team”…

It’s time to build first piece of the furniture for our bus. It’s a “bed time”! I never suspected that building your own bed would be so much fun. Luckily, Kevin is very much more experienced in advance carpentry than me. In no time at all, our “Drill Team”, Kevin and me, created this wonderful piece of furniture! It’s a Queen, foldable in the middle, and could be used as a bed futon sofa.

“Drill Team” at work. Building the bed.