Tank Supports Installed

Tank Mounts

Building a bus in Stuart has it’s challenges. Stuart is not a metropolis for building material. While Stuart does offer Lowes and The Home Depot as well as two electrical supply stores right next door to each other, what it’s lacking is selection. The Aisles of this Home Depot are not long enough to show the curvature of the earth as they are in other cities. In fact you can walk across the entire store in about 30 seconds. So with the limited floor space, this also limits selection.

Of course we try to order things online, but when times get tough and lack of planning stumbles upon us, we spend a lot of time at one the big box stores. Marina knows exactly where the restroom is in both stores and is pretty fluent with the Hardware and Electrical aisle at this point.

Nevertheless, we have the supports for our 4 tanks almost up. It’s always almost. Four tanks all the same size all 40 gallons. Two for water and two for black and gray water. The tanks still need to be ordered and that will take about 4 weeks. I better get on that.

15K BTU Air Conditioner -:O

Coleman 15K btu Air Conditioner

I have no idea how much air conditioning we need for a 28′ bus, but I believe this unit should eliminate the need for a fridge. This is the biggest unit that Coleman makes. It’s the grand daddy of A/C units. We purchased them from some mobile RV repair guy in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. The jury is still out on how well it works, or if it works. $250!

But what we did get was some really good Tacos in Palm Beach Gardens at Chula Taco or Taco Chula. Regardless, they are the real deal. Great tacos!

We have not had too many clean jobs.

Dirty Jobs

So far our work has been dirty. Whether it’s removing fiberglass insulation, sanding old glue, angle grinder dust (lots of it), painting the floor, washing the under carriage or just sweeping up the debris, Marina always looks like a bunny

Solar panel mounts

We spent 2 days installing the solar panel racks on the roof. Always more challenging than one would think.

In order to reuse and recycle, well, to save money as well, we used the chair tracks that we removed from the bus. The tracks were used to hold the bus benches to the floor. Removing the tracks took over two days…that’s another story earlier.

We should be able to get 5 residential size panels on the roof. This will give us about 1500 watts of solar, maybe more if we get better panels. Nevertheless 1500 watts is 3 times what we had on the boat, so that should be plenty. We will have a microwave so we need a bit more.

Windows removed

Windows removed

Due to the bus windows typically leak, we decided to remove all the windows and out in used rv windows.

The first task was to remove the windows which wasn’t too difficult, the basically pulled out once the walls were removed.

In order to skin the windows with 18 gauge sheet metal we need to removed the old rivets and loosen up the surrounding sheet metal. This will allow us to slide the new window skins between the existing sheet metal in hopes of keeping the water out.

We ordered the sheet metal and that will be delivered on Tuesday or Wednesday. Of course it was more expensive that we would have ever considered. Nevertheless it had to be done.

After the rivets were removed then we had to clean up around the existing sheet metal so the skins would mount clean and flush. Lots of angle grinding.

Removing 400+ bolts which hold the chair tracks

Too many bolts!

It took over 2 days to remove all those bolts laying there on the floor. Those tracks were secured with bolts that went through the floor and a nut was underneath which had to be found. It’s another dirty job. We will reuse these tracks for the solar panel mounts and the roof storage rack

Chair Track Removal

Oh those tracks

The chair removal was easy, it’s the damn tracks that take so long. I sure wish we would have stopped by a car wash on the way home. Every time you touch something under the bus a blast of dirt falls from the bottom and lands in my eyes.