Lucky 8

Introducing Lucky 8

Lucky 8 is an International 8 window School Bus with handicapped access We searched for several weeks looking for a Skoolie. You would be surprised how many different types there are. Here is what we found 2005 International School Bus 8 Windows, figure about 2.5′ per window + 6′ for the dog nose Dog Nose front end. The noise is outside 28 Feet, this length allows us into most of the National Parks. DT466 Engine, ya, it’s a diesel Allison 2000 series transmission, 6 speed, we can climb and go “fast” 6’6″ roof. The elevated roof, albeit only 6 inches, … Read more Introducing Lucky 8

3 thoughts on “Lucky 8

  • Hi guys! We met after you pulled into our local park for a sandwich! Love the Skoolie!

    Stay safe out there,
    Poplarville, MS

    Ps: Keep in touch if and when you pass thru again 🙂

    • Amy,
      It was a pleasure. We made it to Mass and now headed over to New York to visit the kiddo in Canada. There is so much to see out here. Spent some time, but not long enough, in Shenandoah National Park. Definitely worth a visit.

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