Cottage Life in Canada

Happy 2nd Birthday Sasha

We made it to the Jeff and Anna’s Cottage in Canada near Rideau Ferry for our grand child’s 2nd birthday. I am not sure he will remember the details of this event, but we will have a life time to remind him of them. We were there about 5 days and boy did we eat. Patty and Doug sure do have plenty of food to go around.

During the day we swam, well I didn’t swim, but the rest of us did. We drove to town and had lunch with Anna and Sasha. It’s always interesting how meals are going to turn out with Sasha around. Sometimes things go flying across the table, other times it’s crying and sometimes he enjoys it. The rest of us just laugh, which only encourages his behavior. Nevertheless, we all ate well.

I spent most of the days trying to install a heater for the bus so we can have our heated floors and hot water. Between Doug and I we managed to get the heater installed, parts fabricated, diesel line installed in tank and the heater mounted. That only took about 2 or 3 days. Doug also fabricated me 2 more solar panel mounts because one broke. I really like the new term I learned when I explained that I purchased those mounts off of ebay, Jeff explained to me I purchased Chineseium. This is a special metal that life expectancy is near the bottom for a metal product.

The neighbors supplied us with the largest tomatoes we have witnessed in a long time, as well as garlic and cucumbers. We ate some of them, and then the US Border control took the rest of them.

We went a plumbing store to get some pieces for the heater install and across the street was Canada’s largest Canabis grow facility. It was closed, for we tried to go for a tour, but Covid has it shut down. Nevertheless, you could smell the product from across the street in the plumbing parking lot.

It is always a special treat to visit the cottage Thank you Doug and Patty

I am not sure anyone really enjoys playing Mexican Train Dominoes, but we do it every time and I hope we continue to play.