Halifax, NS, Canada

After several days we finally arrived in Halifax. Typically when we arrive in big cities there is no place to spend the night in Lucky 8 that is close to the main attractions. Halifax was different. Thanks to that wonderful app iOverlander, we were able to find a parking lot downtown Halifax that is right next to downtown Halifax. We are not alone when we park in these places that iOverlander finds for us. On any typical night there is always another traveler close by. This was no exception. Our neighbors were from Montreal and a few others we didn’t get to speak with.

We walked around an had coffee at Espresso 46. This is not ordinary coffee shop. The ratings on this place are all 5s, and we are talking thousands of ratings. So we walked over there to experience this coffee. It is almost a food truck attached to a small neighborhood market. But getting there from downtown one must a sketchy neighborhood. How was the coffee you might ask? it lived up to the reviews

Our next stop was a memorial. As it turns out, Halifax had an explosion in the early 1900s. Two tankers collided in the harbor and one was carrying something very explosive. The found the 2 ton anchor a few miles away. The town suffered badly. Many died and buildings were destroyed. They erected a memorial that is on the opposite side of downtown so we walked.

Passing through the local neighborhoods and experiencing the local foods and parks is always fun. Finding restrooms when you need them, not so much fun.