Back in Boston

It’s always nice to visit friends.

We made it to Boston, actually we go to Waltham to do our monthly visit to MERSI. This is Marina’s doctor that we have visited for quite some time now. Luckily he has a big parking lot for our bus. The visits last a couple hours, infusions are done, angiograms are taken and results are read. Then we schedule the next visit in roughly 30 days.

During the doc visit I was able to take the bus to the tire repair shop and have a nail removed. He took the tire off and checked it for leaks, as it turns out, it was not all they way through. Lucky for us. The tire shop was free this time around. Then I went to shopping at MicroCenter in Cambridge, they have everything computer. Next stop Fastenal and then back to MERSI to get Marina and we are headed north again.

Our friend Andrea lives in Revere beach and this is her view! Quite nice. She was not impressed with our coffee!

Revere Beach

North Adams, MA, Mass MoCA

One of the largest centers for contemporary art in the USA, Mass MoCA. We are on our last day at Mt Greylock and we are tired or hiking. There was a walk through event at the museum that we participated in. I am not sure I am artistic enough to understand what I did. But there were a lot of shadows.

We stayed at a great campsite, Mt. Greylock Campsite Park. The location was perfect just at the bottom of the Mt Greylock’s entrance. We drove our bus up the hill every day to find the next trail head. One night at the camp ground was live music, we stayed and listened for about 4 minutes.

The town of North Adams was a bit quiet, but probably due to Covid

Jiminy Peak Mountain Resort

Our last day at Mt Greylock we were tired so we decided to climb a ski resort mountain ski slope. We made it about half way up in about 30 minutes. and decided to turn back because we were tired. There was not much happening at the resort during the summer. Although they did have some zip lines and stuff for kids. We decided not to try it.

Mt Greylock

Mt Greylock

The highest peak in Mass is Mt Greylock. But Colorado standards this may not be a mountain, but when you walk up it, it’s still big. The elevation is about 3500 feet. We started at about 1200 feet so that left us plenty to climb. We started on the east side of the mountain for it was the shortest distance up, but also the steepest. At first it wasn’t too bad, but they left the worst for last. Marina was wearing the health watch and on several occasions she was in the red, she was overheating and we had to slow a bit.

But the view as worth the trip.

To those lucky pe0ple that get to hike the Appalachian Trail get to climb Mass’s highest peak during their 5 month hike. We followed the AT about .4 miles down before our trail jetted off in a different direction back to our bus.

Our third trip up Mt Greylock was the Bellows Trail. There was not a lot of wildlife, but plenty of mushrooms and Ferns

Night at the Golf Course

Every night is a search for a new place to stay. Tonight was Waubeeka Golf Links. What a great host this guy at the Golf Club was. He came out to see our bus greeted us like we were old friends. We parked under the tree, which was nice because today was a bit on the warm side.

We had dinner at the clubhouse and managed to have some of the hors devours of the golf fund raiser that was just ending.

What a view it was from the restaurant. The tacos were good too.

The Mohican

The Hopper Trail.

We wanted to start hiking some more as we travelled because we were getting fat and out of shape sitting in this Skoolie. So I found us a trail at Mt Greylock, MA. We were not certain how difficult or easy it would be but off we went. It started in a field/parking lot and headed toward the mountain. We were excited, but it was also going to be a 7 mile hike round trip.

As the caption states “We Are Here”.

It started out not so bad..but it ended a little rough. We did make it to the top of the Hopper Trail. It was a tough climb. lots of small bouldering and pushing forward. A bit muddy in spots, but they always seemed to have boards across the mud. We pushed upward and onward. It was a good 2 hour hike up and then a side trail to the water fall. Not much of a water fall, but it’s why we came this far.

We don’t have lots of pics from this trip, but the memory of the climb is etched in our minds and all other trails are compared to “The Hopper”