And they’re off! Saratoga Springs, NY

A trip through upstate New York is not complete without visiting Saratoga Springs Race Track. I am sure not everyone likes this type of entertainment, but we sure had fun with the 2 races we saw. The month of August is a big one in Saratoga Springs, they have races every day or every few days for the whole month. Some people win and lot and some people lose a lot. The horses seem to have the same luck.

It costs about $40 to get in buy a program and get a drink, that’s the price of admission. The rest is up to you. The drinks are expensive, the food is similarly priced.

I looked a the program and tried to convince my wife I knew what I was reading. I am not sure she believed me. We walked up to the electronic kiosk to place a bet, after about 5 minutes we walked away betless. We could not figure out how to operate the machine. So we asked a guy that looked like he knew what he was doing. Sure enough, 2 minutes later we had our 2 – $5 bets and we were excited. Low and behold, I though the race was simulcast, it was not until we saw the people pointing, did we realize this is LIVE!!!!. We cheered and yelled, and sure enough, by a horse nostril hair our horse won.!!!! Our $5 bet paid 20/1 odds…that’s about $100 we won. That was just our first race.

We cashed in our winning and tried to place another bet. Unfortunately I could not find my remaining $10 ticket stub. I must have dropped it somewhere. Let’s backtrack. We walked back to the bar kiosk, nope not there, next to the bar kiosk is a table where I sorted out my wallet. Sure enough, there on the floor is my $10 ticket stub. We quickly picked it up and put it into the betting kiosk. I am sure you know the rest of this story. We lost the rest of our $20 on the next race and we left. It was a fun 2 races at Saratoga Spring Race Track.

Oxxshire Creamery, an Amazon delivery Partner

The Creamery has no cream.

We need to receive some package from Amazon but did not have an address because we are constantly moving. So Amazon has a feature that you can ship packages to lockers, certain stores, and other places. This Oxxshire Creamery is just a place for this. The unique thing about this place is that the location is far from everything. We were trying to go to Canada to visit our daughter and before crossing we needed to get some packages. We are headed to 1000 Islands and our Covid test is about 30 miles before there. So we needed a place to get some Amazon packages, would you believe this Oxxshire Creamery is the closest place at about 45 miles away. We actually ended up going there twice because the package did not arrive in time.

Troy, NY

We did a quick drive through a Troy, NY. One guy did stop us on the road and asked to come aboard to take pictures and show his girl friend, she really likes the Van Life World. There is an island just across the river where many of the photos were taken. Great place that is being developed with apartments and I imagine Starbucks, for the road was called Starbucks.

Travelling toward the Northeast

We travel onward. Our current “long” term destination is Boston. But along the way there is plenty to see. Some nights we spend at vineyards, others at Walmarts, recently at Brewery’s and there are plenty of farms that will take us in as well. We use an app called Harvest Host. This app syncs up hosts and travelers with overnight stays. Typically the stays are at Farms, Breweries, Vinyards or Golf clubs (golfing not required). They allow you to spend the night in their parking lot with the anticipation that you will visit their shops, we do our best to keep everyone happy.

The views rarely disappoint and the hosts are always accommodating.

Along the route we also try to find interesting places to stop and break up the drive. Here is the Fire House Dog

We tend to travel the non interstate route and avoid tolls as well. I am not sure that saves us any money, but it sure adds to the scenery.