We left Texas

The Conductor

We left Texas on highway 79, better known as Sam Bass Road in Round Rock, TX. Highway 79 took us all the way east to Louisiana. It is always exciting to visit family and friends and it’s always a little sad to say goodbye. But we must be travelling onward, we must be in Boston, MA by the 19th, today is the 3rd. That seems like plenty of people who own a Honda Civic, but when you own a School Bus, things take a bit longer.

We were blessed again with Texas’ roads. Texas has big wide, smooth roads. They are great. But then you meet up with Louisiana, things are the opposite there.

Here are a few attractions that we spotted along the way. This was Tupelo, MS, birthplace of Elvis

We’all in Austin, TX

Family opportunity at Rudy’s in Austin, TX

We made it to Austin. Only 1000 miles out of our way, but we made it. Yes, we are actually headed to Massachusetts, slight detour. But we really have missed spending time with our family. We sure hope they missed spending time with us too!

Austin has grown up since we left, the Frost Tower, which used to be the one of the taller buildings in Austin’s downtown skyline is now diminished by the newer, bigger, taller buildings..

It’s not always fun and games. Unfortunately, while Dad and Ruth were visiting us Pecan Grove RV Park on Barton Springs, they were involved in a car accident. Someone turned in front of them. So we had some family time at the Hospital. All turned out well and everyone is recovering. It’s not as bad as it looks, but Ruth did not want to stay overnight at the hospital, but the surgeon thought it was the best choice. We spent the better part of the evening with Ruth and then had some tacos with Taya at about midnight. She sure knows how to find a good taco. Thanks for the late night dinner.

Also a special thanks to Taya for letting us use her car while we were there. It is always a pleasure to hear what is happening with her. Taya nd her boyfriend, Alejandro, are moving to Puerto Rico in August. We hope to visit them there. Safe travels!