Travelling toward the Northeast

We travel onward. Our current “long” term destination is Boston. But along the way there is plenty to see. Some nights we spend at vineyards, others at Walmarts, recently at Brewery’s and there are plenty of farms that will take us in as well. We use an app called Harvest Host. This app syncs up hosts and travelers with overnight stays. Typically the stays are at Farms, Breweries, Vinyards or Golf clubs (golfing not required). They allow you to spend the night in their parking lot with the anticipation that you will visit their shops, we do our best to keep everyone happy.

The views rarely disappoint and the hosts are always accommodating.

Along the route we also try to find interesting places to stop and break up the drive. Here is the Fire House Dog

We tend to travel the non interstate route and avoid tolls as well. I am not sure that saves us any money, but it sure adds to the scenery.