“Dirty jobs”

Our new house is a bus, which means it has an engine, transmission, diesel tank, batteries and air tanks. That means, there is some work has to be done under the bus, and, it’s very dirty there. Couple weeks Kevin is fighting with leaking air tank. So far, it’s not very successful. Marina is trying to clean fifteen years dirt under the bus, so Kevin would see what is going on there. Very dirty job….

Removing 400+ bolts which hold the chair tracks

Too many bolts!

It took over 2 days to remove all those bolts laying there on the floor. Those tracks were secured with bolts that went through the floor and a nut was underneath which had to be found. It’s another dirty job. We will reuse these tracks for the solar panel mounts and the roof storage rack


Former Admiral, Chef, Custodian, Personal Assistant and First Mate on the Lucky Seven sailboat. Former software engineer, mother of two grown up beautiful girls, and loving wife of the love of my life. Current certified Yoga teacher and enthusiast of any types of workouts, including early long walks on the beach (my favorite). Multilingual native Russian born in Ukraine (when it was still part of the USSR), lived in Germany and traveled to about 50 different countries. Wannabe a skoolie owner and traveler around beautiful national parks of my amazing country USA.


Where I came from…

I started in Lincoln, NE and ended up buying a Skoolie. Granted, there were a few other incidents in between those two life changing events, but this is where I am at now.

I ran the typically gamut of life, went to college, bought a car and worked on a computer for the better part of my life. When that tired, we bought a sailboat and tried to do the sail around the world thing. Spent some time refitting Lucky Seven, our Valiant 40 sailboat. We travelled the Caribbean for 6 years and experienced the true meaning of going where the wind blows. This was an experience second to none. The places we saw, the people we met and the fish we caught. The time came to sell the boat, I guess I had a little too much fun. The sun got the best of me and I understand the reason you should wear sunscreen and UPF Clothing. If you are interested in traveling the high seas, here’s your chance

Lucky Seven (for sale)

So, leaving the boat and looking for the next way to travel led us the a school bus. The school bus has changed since I was riding them. In fact people are converting them into amazing RVs. So, that is what we decided to do.

We bought a Skoolie.