Ready for good night sleep?

Marina has been hard at work staining and varnishing the walls. After hours and hours of thoughts and trips up and down the aisles of Home Depot, we decided to keep the walls “au natural”. This decision, or there lack of, gives us the most flexibility. For when we tire of the natural look, we can stain it another color, or paint them, or spread some wall paper on them. The choices are endless and that is what got us into this current situation.

We added some shelves give the bed to hold our all important items we bring with us. The doors are yet to be manufactured, but I am sure that will happen in the next week or so.

But we are getting closer to being finished with the bedroom. I suppose we will never be “finished”, just done enough.

Marina has forbidden Kevin to touch any of the walls with his dirty hands. This will be fun to enforce

“Bed time” for the “Drill Team”…

It’s time to build first piece of the furniture for our bus. It’s a “bed time”! I never suspected that building your own bed would be so much fun. Luckily, Kevin is very much more experienced in advance carpentry than me. In no time at all, our “Drill Team”, Kevin and me, created this wonderful piece of furniture! It’s a Queen, foldable in the middle, and could be used as a bed futon sofa.

“Drill Team” at work. Building the bed.