More and more wires.

The bathroom. shower right, toilet left

It takes a long time to pull wires. We pull some wires and then realize we need to pull some more. A plan would certainly help the forgotten wire syndrome, but what fun would that be. We are more of doers than thinkers. That thinking part usually comes after we did it.

We ran the 120v wires in mc and the 12 volt wire is just kinda laying around. We tried to isolate and not overlap and all that good stuff, but one must remember this is 19.5 feet of living space and things are tight. In fact, there seems to be less room on this bus than there was on the boat. granted the boat was 40 feet and the bus is only 28 feet, but the boat was more rounded and V shaped. This bus is a bit more of a rectangle. The engine room on the bus sure has a ton more space than the boat did.

That’s the kitchen!

There are some writings on the wall if you look close. The sink is labeled on the blue tape on the floor. The lights and plugs are labeled on the wall and the microwave is on the right. The countertop height is black magic marker line on the stud behind the fan. The upper magic marker line is the top of the backsplash. That bundle of wires running along the top of the kitchen are the rear lights, tail lights, turn signals and such. What a mess they are. The yellow metal on the bottom right is the heater for the drivers area, we have not tried the heaters yet.

The closet with an 120 volt outlet

And that’s the closet on the left and the pantry on the right. Five feet by two feet of storage. If you come to visit, don’t bring a rigid suitcase. In fact, don’t bring a suitcase at all. A toothbrush and a sleeping bag should be sufficent.

Pulling wires…not fun, but has to be done.

Working on the electrical and plumbing systems is not much fun and takes time. You could not see progress of your work until you hookup the batteries, and that will happen not soon yet. For such small area it seems like a lot of wires. We pulled 250 feet of the electrical wire and had to order some more. It seems our bus will be very bright inside! We will have lights more than Christmas trees…porch light, entry light, stair light, whatever light, we got it all!