Cleaning up the wires.

How many lights do we really need? Life is not always about needs. Nevertheless, we are running enough wires to light the place up like a Christmas tree. On the last vessel that we owned, Chief Yoga guru used to turn all the lights on and go outside. With the added lights on this new machine it will take her a bit longer to turn on the lights on. My mom would not be a happy camper to if we did such a thing in our house growing up. To make matters worse, we can now turn on all the lights, the air conditioner, open the windows and then go outside.

There is lots of talk about the correct way to run wires. Don’t do this, do that. One rule is don’t run 12v and 120v wires parallel to each other. This is a tough rule to follow on a small bus.

We purchased electric panels from the Marine Connection Outlet in Fort Pierce. This store sells used boat parts. We spent about 2 hours in there “shopping”. We used to shop here for our boat supplies.

The electric continues. Maybe tomorrow we will install the distribution panels.

The Plumbing Maze

Well, I don’t want to be a plumber someday. There are so many connections, pieces, parts and sizes. We have been working on the plumbing for quite some time now. It seems that we are getting it done, but there is always another fitting that we need. So we go to Home Depot, nope, they don’t have it. So we go to Lowes, they have one of the fittings. Next stop Peter’s Hardware, formerly Ace Hardware, they typically have something close to what we need. Last stop is John’s Plumbing, a real plumbing supply shop, nope, we don’t sell barb fittings. So we end up back at the bus with something that might work. It certainly now looks like I did the plumbing. We have a blend of pex, nylon, PVC, stainless, bronze and brass. I am sure that goes against some code somewhere. With that mix we are able to make 1/2″ barb, 3/4″ barb, 1/2″ npt, 3/4″ npt, 3/8″ npt, 1/4″ connections and we are not done yet. No metric yet on this project, but the rest of the bus is littered with metric as well. We have not even tested for leaks yet. This project is far from over.

So many barb fittings, so many places to go.

Who is the bunny?

Marina is utilizing her amazing cleaning skills and getting dirty. It seems our bus has not been to a car wash since about 2005. This gives Marina plenty of opportunity to exercise her skills. The front of the bus engine seems to have some oil seeping down the passenger side. We are trying to find the leak as well as just clean up. Marina was blessed with the job of doing a bit of cleaning. The magic we are cleaning with is mainly dishwashing liquid and Krud Kutter. Well, we are also using scrapers, scrub brushes and toilet bowl scrubber.

Marina likes to get dirty…her is proof

“Dirty jobs”

Our new house is a bus, which means it has an engine, transmission, diesel tank, batteries and air tanks. That means, there is some work has to be done under the bus, and, it’s very dirty there. Couple weeks Kevin is fighting with leaking air tank. So far, it’s not very successful. Marina is trying to clean fifteen years dirt under the bus, so Kevin would see what is going on there. Very dirty job….

Downtime is over, back to work.

And, we are back to work on the bus. Today’s goal was to put up the walls for the shower/head and closet/pantry. It doesn’t seams like a complicated task, but it was for us. Cutting the tops of the walls (3/4 inch of the plywood) to fit the curve of the ceiling was almost impossible! After couple tries, we finally got it right. As the result, we have nice four walls and our bus start looking like a house.

Heated floors in the bus? Yes, I would love that.

Today is a very exciting day for us. We are installing pex in the floor for heating bus’s floors. I would love to have this feature on the cold winter day in my future home. The process of installation is pretty easy. First, create tracks in the floor’s foam insulation (that creates a lot of sticky flying little pieces), then place pex in these tranches, then cover it with the aluminum thin plates for the better conduction of the heat in the floor, then cover by the plywood and, the subfloor is done!

More and more wires.

The bathroom. shower right, toilet left

It takes a long time to pull wires. We pull some wires and then realize we need to pull some more. A plan would certainly help the forgotten wire syndrome, but what fun would that be. We are more of doers than thinkers. That thinking part usually comes after we did it.

We ran the 120v wires in mc and the 12 volt wire is just kinda laying around. We tried to isolate and not overlap and all that good stuff, but one must remember this is 19.5 feet of living space and things are tight. In fact, there seems to be less room on this bus than there was on the boat. granted the boat was 40 feet and the bus is only 28 feet, but the boat was more rounded and V shaped. This bus is a bit more of a rectangle. The engine room on the bus sure has a ton more space than the boat did.

That’s the kitchen!

There are some writings on the wall if you look close. The sink is labeled on the blue tape on the floor. The lights and plugs are labeled on the wall and the microwave is on the right. The countertop height is black magic marker line on the stud behind the fan. The upper magic marker line is the top of the backsplash. That bundle of wires running along the top of the kitchen are the rear lights, tail lights, turn signals and such. What a mess they are. The yellow metal on the bottom right is the heater for the drivers area, we have not tried the heaters yet.

The closet with an 120 volt outlet

And that’s the closet on the left and the pantry on the right. Five feet by two feet of storage. If you come to visit, don’t bring a rigid suitcase. In fact, don’t bring a suitcase at all. A toothbrush and a sleeping bag should be sufficent.

Pulling wires…not fun, but has to be done.

Working on the electrical and plumbing systems is not much fun and takes time. You could not see progress of your work until you hookup the batteries, and that will happen not soon yet. For such small area it seems like a lot of wires. We pulled 250 feet of the electrical wire and had to order some more. It seems our bus will be very bright inside! We will have lights more than Christmas trees…porch light, entry light, stair light, whatever light, we got it all!

“Bed time” for the “Drill Team”…

It’s time to build first piece of the furniture for our bus. It’s a “bed time”! I never suspected that building your own bed would be so much fun. Luckily, Kevin is very much more experienced in advance carpentry than me. In no time at all, our “Drill Team”, Kevin and me, created this wonderful piece of furniture! It’s a Queen, foldable in the middle, and could be used as a bed futon sofa.

“Drill Team” at work. Building the bed.