Day 18?

Priming the sheet metal

After 2 days off from bus work we are back at it again. The last 2 days we were taking care of our other yacht. Had to do some cleaning and a sea trial. That was a riot.

Today Marina primed the sheet metal that am arrived a week late. We had 5 sheets of sheet metal cut for the skins for the windows by Z metals. The pieces were delivered today and Marina spent the day spray priming them

While she was doing that, I patched the two exit holes in the roof. I used galvanized 16 gauge sheet metal for those two patches and about 60 button head screws. The seams were sealed with a black gooey substance that was served in a caulk tube. I would like to see the person that can pump that stuff through a caulk gun. It’s Thicker than peanut butter and stickier. So I cut the tube open and applied it with a 5 in 1.

That took the better part of the day. The morning was blessed with the neighbor, the old neighbor and the sheet metal delivery guy asking lots of questions and generally just chit chatting. Lots of people with nothing to do. Ok, back to work

Priming the skins

Zero day, or day off

Today we took a day off, “zero day”, as hikers would say. Kevin worked on the fixing couple things on our boat Lucky Seven, and I finally did our laundry, cleaned and cooked. It was very nice to have a lazy day and not to use drill or angle grinder! And stay clean… We had beautiful sunset at our marina and surprising visitor at the dinghy doc.

Solar panel mounts

We spent 2 days installing the solar panel racks on the roof. Always more challenging than one would think.

In order to reuse and recycle, well, to save money as well, we used the chair tracks that we removed from the bus. The tracks were used to hold the bus benches to the floor. Removing the tracks took over two days…that’s another story earlier.

We should be able to get 5 residential size panels on the roof. This will give us about 1500 watts of solar, maybe more if we get better panels. Nevertheless 1500 watts is 3 times what we had on the boat, so that should be plenty. We will have a microwave so we need a bit more.

Windows removed

Windows removed

Due to the bus windows typically leak, we decided to remove all the windows and out in used rv windows.

The first task was to remove the windows which wasn’t too difficult, the basically pulled out once the walls were removed.

In order to skin the windows with 18 gauge sheet metal we need to removed the old rivets and loosen up the surrounding sheet metal. This will allow us to slide the new window skins between the existing sheet metal in hopes of keeping the water out.

We ordered the sheet metal and that will be delivered on Tuesday or Wednesday. Of course it was more expensive that we would have ever considered. Nevertheless it had to be done.

After the rivets were removed then we had to clean up around the existing sheet metal so the skins would mount clean and flush. Lots of angle grinding.

What did we do past four days…. floors, floors, floors..

Removing seats from the bus was very easy and quick task, but removing the tracks where seats were mounted took us four days! We extracted 366 bolts from the floor, one by one… The question was, what do you do to patch those 366 bolt holes??? We tried three different methods, which two of them totally did not work: Bondo Hair from Walmart (it was gooey disaster on the floor), then Bondo Putty from Home Depot (the putty just fall down through the bolt holes). Finally, we bought a fiberglass tape at Home Depot. Both of us working very quickly (before putty hardens) we applied putty over the tape. That solution seems helped mostly, but not 100%. Then we sprayed Rust Oleum over the floor to prevent/cover rust. The next day we got rubber sealant from Home Depot and spread over the floor, we hope that will help against leaking through original 366 bolt holes. Will see.. maybe..

366 bolt holes covered by rubber sealant paint

And, while we are waiting…

we are taking long walks early mornings on the endless Atlantic ocean beaches. We are trying to train for the long hikes. Some time in the future we would like to hike Appalachian trail. Yes, it’s another adventure we would love to experience. But for right now, we walk in the sand on the beach. As much as it’s sounds like leisure walks, they are not! Especially, if you walk barefoot and your ankles are sinking in the sand. Extra workout – walking barefoot on the old corrals. The best time on the beach is an early morning, you can see a lot of different birds, fish, crabs, and even big loggerhead or green turtles. And, sometimes, sharks! My favorite are pelicans and great egrets. They love to hang our near fishermen and still the their bait.