Joe’s Kansas City Bar-B-Que, the best in Cow Town

Per Google, the best BBQ in Kansas City is at Joe’s Kansas City Bar-B-Que.

The story is, Kansas City, better known as Cow Town, has the best BBQ. I am not sure how large of a geographical space they are actually referring to when they say the The Best BBQ, but it sure is good. Did I mention this place is in an old gas station?

The wait to get in was 30 minutes and this is a cut the meat, eat and get out type of place. There is no sitting around having coffee and working on the computer after dinner.

We are glad we went and enjoyed this place. Although, Peter, our friend from Kansas City might disagree that this is the best bbq spot. He did agree it is the most well-known.

Booneville, NY, Cobbled Stone Castle

We stopped by this Cobbled Stone Castle in Booneville, NY. This is not your ordinary castle. In fact neighbors don’t seem to think it’s a castle at all, they call it a junk yard.

I am sure in the past that name was used to describe this place, but over time the name has changed.

This guy has created quite the castle. It is open to almost everyone to roam around and look at all the relics that he has. The almost part is directed at his neighbor on the left. It specifically states that neighbor is not allowed on his place

The stuff he has is examples of art and not junk. The letter he received from the city allows him to continue his expression of art as long as it’s not called junk. So, it’s a castle.

You can find it on Roadside America.

Or, if you would like to visit,

Maybe a facebook page

More Pics and a bit of information

Installing windows!

The most skoolies kept the original school bus windows. But we decided to switch to the RV windows… and, after installation we are not sure it was good decision. First, the RV windows we bought on Amazon and eBay are very low quality. It seems that they are done with the cheapest available materials, and feel more like one time use toy than the window that could withstand rain and movement of the bus. Second, the installation of the windows was disaster… there were not any fitting bolts and nuts with the windows, and we had to improvise on the spot. Well, all six windows are in, and will see how long they will last.

Two months in, but still no insulation…

The work on the boat became daily routine. Sometimes we don’t remember what day it is! Working on the weekends became new normal. But for some reason we don’t see big progress on the bus. We planned to start insulation of our Lucky8 by this time! But, we are not ready yet. Well, here is what we actually accomplished for this short month: we installed a sunroof (made from Lexan), installed all six windows ( terrible experience!), installed plumbing for water and diesel heaters, water pump, pulled electrical cables for 120V and 12V, installed electrical breaker, inverter… and, of course, worked on the engine. Turned out that we have a big problem with air system on our bus. Kevin changed the air tanks and hoses, fittings, but, we still have work to do. We changed oil on our bus (that was very black dirty experience) and drained old coolant. Still, it seems, we are far away from the finish!

Day 18?

Priming the sheet metal

After 2 days off from bus work we are back at it again. The last 2 days we were taking care of our other yacht. Had to do some cleaning and a sea trial. That was a riot.

Today Marina primed the sheet metal that am arrived a week late. We had 5 sheets of sheet metal cut for the skins for the windows by Z metals. The pieces were delivered today and Marina spent the day spray priming them

While she was doing that, I patched the two exit holes in the roof. I used galvanized 16 gauge sheet metal for those two patches and about 60 button head screws. The seams were sealed with a black gooey substance that was served in a caulk tube. I would like to see the person that can pump that stuff through a caulk gun. It’s Thicker than peanut butter and stickier. So I cut the tube open and applied it with a 5 in 1.

That took the better part of the day. The morning was blessed with the neighbor, the old neighbor and the sheet metal delivery guy asking lots of questions and generally just chit chatting. Lots of people with nothing to do. Ok, back to work

Priming the skins