Bar Harbor, Maine

After Belfast we went to Bangor to find the place to get a Covid Test. Our plans are to head to Nova Scotia and Canada wants us to get Covid test 72 hours before we enter Canada. That is fine, we just need to find the facility to do that. As it turns out, there is a shortage of Covid tests in Maine for some reason, or so we are told. The Walgreens offer Covid tests, but they are all booked up weeks in advance. We search the internet and find the Health facility in Bangor does the tests for $100 on the spot, 15 minute results. Great sign us up.

We have a few days before our tests, so we go to Bar Harbor for some hiking and sightseeing. This weekend happens to be a holiday weekend and the campgrounds are full. Luckily we found a place and we are good for 4 nights just outside of Bar Harbor.

There is plenty of hiking to do in Bar Harbor and we wanted to make the most of it. Our goal was to hike up Cadillac Mountain. We drove up this mountain a few years ago and we now want to hike it. We only have 3 days of hiking so off we go.

But first we went to Bar Harbour to have a look around