Back in Boston

It’s always nice to visit friends.

We made it to Boston, actually we go to Waltham to do our monthly visit to MERSI. This is Marina’s doctor that we have visited for quite some time now. Luckily he has a big parking lot for our bus. The visits last a couple hours, infusions are done, angiograms are taken and results are read. Then we schedule the next visit in roughly 30 days.

During the doc visit I was able to take the bus to the tire repair shop and have a nail removed. He took the tire off and checked it for leaks, as it turns out, it was not all they way through. Lucky for us. The tire shop was free this time around. Then I went to shopping at MicroCenter in Cambridge, they have everything computer. Next stop Fastenal and then back to MERSI to get Marina and we are headed north again.

Our friend Andrea lives in Revere beach and this is her view! Quite nice. She was not impressed with our coffee!

Revere Beach