Booneville, NY, Cobbled Stone Castle

We stopped by this Cobbled Stone Castle in Booneville, NY. This is not your ordinary castle. In fact neighbors don’t seem to think it’s a castle at all, they call it a junk yard.

I am sure in the past that name was used to describe this place, but over time the name has changed.

This guy has created quite the castle. It is open to almost everyone to roam around and look at all the relics that he has. The almost part is directed at his neighbor on the left. It specifically states that neighbor is not allowed on his place

The stuff he has is examples of art and not junk. The letter he received from the city allows him to continue his expression of art as long as it’s not called junk. So, it’s a castle.

You can find it on Roadside America.

Or, if you would like to visit,

Maybe a facebook page

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