Day 1 Complete!

We made it out of Stuart, FL after spending much more time there then we could have possibly imagined. Nevertheless, while we were there we visited many cities in FL, sold our boat, Lucky 7, purchased Lucky 8 from Miami Bus Deals, completed the build at Airport RV Indian Street and started a new adventure on Lucky 8.

The trip was uneventful, which is just what you hope for. Considering our bus speed is somewhere around 55mph, we stayed off the the interstate, the infamous I-95, where 95 is the speed they drive. So we headed west and north toward an unknown destination. We are unsure how far we can travel a day in our new bus, for we have never done this before. The bus motored along, noisily I might add, but faithfully. Marina studied the RV apps for where to stay. After reading many discussions online about how many places don’t accept Skoolies, we are a bit concerned about being able to find a place to stay.

Marina was diligently searching HipCamp, KOA and The Dyrt for a nice stop for the night. And wow did she find a beautiful, remote spot. This is one of those places that you don’t just happen to drive by, you really have to want to get here. Cedar key is a small chain of islands north of Tampa and about 25 miles due west towards the coast on a lonesome road. There is only one way out of here and one way in, maybe two if you want to make the trip longer. Camptel Cedar Key.

We didn’t play chess, but we did get a lot of looks as we came in. When we pulled into our RV park slip, the neighbors came over and wanted to see what we have done to the inside of this bus. This will turn out to be a very common theme as we move around.

We walked to town, a little over a mile, and had dinner at a typical sea side restaurant. Wall of windows exposing the Gulf waters. The overcast skies were brought on by Tropical Storm Claudette was moving into this area. A quick walk around the town and back over three bridges to our RV Park where we spent the night and listened to our neighbors party into the evening.