On the road, heading east and south

Some nights we sleep at Walmart, other nights RV Parks, parking lots are not out of the question, we have been known to sleep at city parks, but tonight we are staying at a remote campsite in Green Mountain National Forest, Woodford, Vermont. I am not sure even Google can find us here. I think they call this dispersed camping. The next camp site, if you can call it that is 1/4 of a mile up the dirt road. Although there are signs someone was here recently, the camp fire ring is still smoldering. A forest fire is of no worry, for it is constantly damp back here in the forest.

We did a have a couple cars drive by, but they just turned their head and starred as they kept on going. I am not totally upset that there were no other guests, for there are stories of bears living in these here woods.

It was a grill night, I think we had more chicken to cook. This grill here is a royal piece of you know what. There are so many vent holes in it that it won’t keep the heat in to get it hot. You can see the tin foil I used to plug the holes in hopes of keeping the heat in. We did not have grilled chicken tonight, instead it was more boiled, or slow cooked. Not the desired effect from a grill.

The night was uneventful, thankfully, that is what we hope for every night. You can see the quality screen work that Marina did to keep the bugs out.

Tomorrow we are headed to we want to do a hike in Green Mountain National Forest in Vermont