The final stretch to Austin, TX

We left Poplarville, MS and headed west some more. We have about 2 more days of driving to get to Austin, TX. So far we have been travelling on the 2 lane highways vs the Interstates. Our bus has some issues, as you may have already noticed. The current biggest issue is the temperature issue. It tends to get a little warm if we go over 55 mph or trying to climb a hill. So we go slow and that keeps us off the Interstates. It is also much more enjoyable to travel the back highways because there is so much more to see. Such as finding this jewel of a park featuring Easter Island replicas. Honestly this jewel of a park was a little bit dicey. We didn’t stay long and didn’t use the restrooms.

In our 4 state travels so far, we have concluded that Louisiana has the worst roads. The back roads are concrete and badly cracked. Our bus lets us know of each crack in the road. For anyone building anything that drives, Louisiana is a good stress test to see if anything is going to fall off.

We stopped by a roadside market, grabbed a watermelon that we will share with our friends in Austin. The locals there said Skoolies don’t typically come by our road side market. I believe we were the first.

Of course it would not be complete without fixing some issues. Seems the tanks were coming loose along the bumpy roads.

Seems the tanks were coming loose? Do you suppose anyone’s tanks have leaked on this ground I am laying on?