Gibsland, LA! The Ambush

Bonnie and Clyde, once again the news media distorted the real image. The guy that runs the Ambush Museum is passionate about his job. He knows the story and all the lies that go with it. He was a wealth of information. One of the interesting things he told was that Bonnie never killed anyone. The media villainized her.

In this Museum there used to be a restaurant, bonnie and clyde ate there the day they were ambused. No, it’s not their real car

We really need to plan better.

Welcome to Mississippi

When you fail to plan you either have to pay with Cash, as we did last night, or with lack of amenities, as we did tonight. We had trouble finding our next RV park after leaving Fort Walton, FL and this is what we ended up with. Just off the highway in a dirt lot with some abandoned RVs. Except our neighbors, they have been there for a month. Doing what, we have no idea. But at $50/night for this place, we really missed our place last night. We had to travel to Mississippi for this wonderful night. It rained, alot

The poorly made retaining wall holding us up on our dirt platform is deteriorating with the heavy rain as we type. I sure hope in the morning we can drive up this hill out of here, or worse get washed down the embankment