Portland, ME! What a view from the overnight stay

While we were in Vermont, we visited some boater friends, Sheri an d Roark. We met them in Marathon, FL when we first crossed to The Bahamas in 2013. We travelled with them for quite some time and met up again with them in Vermont a few times as well.

Our next stop is Portland, ME. Once again we are driving across states to visit friends, boater friends as well.


Jean and Mark we met at Sunset Bay Marina, Stuart, FL. They were always ready to have a drink with us. Great People.

When we met in Portland that was no exception. We went downtown and found a restaurant where we spent the evening talking and drinking, as far as I remember.

The next day our friends left early and we had the day to walk around town. We had been to Portland before, but we could not recognize anything.

This was our last scheduled stop that we have in our itinerary. So far our trip since we left Florida has been, go here to meet friends and family. But this is the last of our friends heading in the northern direction.

After walking around town and trying to find a place that we remembered from our prior visit here a few years back, we decided to move a little further north.