And they’re off! Saratoga Springs, NY

A trip through upstate New York is not complete without visiting Saratoga Springs Race Track. I am sure not everyone likes this type of entertainment, but we sure had fun with the 2 races we saw. The month of August is a big one in Saratoga Springs, they have races every day or every few days for the whole month. Some people win and lot and some people lose a lot. The horses seem to have the same luck.

It costs about $40 to get in buy a program and get a drink, that’s the price of admission. The rest is up to you. The drinks are expensive, the food is similarly priced.

I looked a the program and tried to convince my wife I knew what I was reading. I am not sure she believed me. We walked up to the electronic kiosk to place a bet, after about 5 minutes we walked away betless. We could not figure out how to operate the machine. So we asked a guy that looked like he knew what he was doing. Sure enough, 2 minutes later we had our 2 – $5 bets and we were excited. Low and behold, I though the race was simulcast, it was not until we saw the people pointing, did we realize this is LIVE!!!!. We cheered and yelled, and sure enough, by a horse nostril hair our horse won.!!!! Our $5 bet paid 20/1 odds…that’s about $100 we won. That was just our first race.

We cashed in our winning and tried to place another bet. Unfortunately I could not find my remaining $10 ticket stub. I must have dropped it somewhere. Let’s backtrack. We walked back to the bar kiosk, nope not there, next to the bar kiosk is a table where I sorted out my wallet. Sure enough, there on the floor is my $10 ticket stub. We quickly picked it up and put it into the betting kiosk. I am sure you know the rest of this story. We lost the rest of our $20 on the next race and we left. It was a fun 2 races at Saratoga Spring Race Track.