Chasing Tropical Storm Claudette

Looking out into the Gulf during Claudette

Moving from a sailboat to an RV, we never thought we would have to wait for a weather window again. Well, on day 2, we were proved wrong.

This morning we were putting the bus together to leave. The typical stuff, velcroing the cabinet doors shut, velcroing the drawers to the cabinet doors, tying the closet doors together, tying the pantry door shut and the bathroom door. That bathroom door still slams on every turn we make. Not to mention disconnecting the power cord that supplies the power to our air conditioner. We love that air conditioner down here in Florida.

We were watching the news in the club house last night and it was showing this Tropical Storm Claudette that was bringing wind and rain to Panama City, exactly where we wanted to head to next. So, we had a slight change of plans. Even though the weather man was dodging heavy rain and wind on the beach near Tallahassee, we want to stop near there anyway. So off we went.

Back out highway 24. Twenty-five miles to get out of Cedar Key. Why is the return trip is always so much faster? Turn north and drive for a few hours to Ochlockonee Bay. This is our staging point for the tomorrow so we can visit Alligator Point and Cape San Blas.

Marina found a nice RV Park Holiday Campground on Ochlockonee Bay. We pulled in, registered and Rudy directed us to our spot near the back. The back was favorable tonight because Claudette was supposed to bring heavy winds and rain. We didn’t see much of either.