The quintessential town in Vermont, Woodstock.

Our travels through Vermont were directed in part by a couple we met in a campground. They mentioned the town of Woodstock, VT and said we should visit this place. This place is everything one thinks about a quintessential town in Vermont. This is the one. Woodstock is a popular destination for tourists. If the length of the waiting line at a coffee house is any indication of the popularity of a town, then we have a winner here in Woodstock. We waited about 30 minutes for our coffee, ok, maybe it was 15, but this house was pumping out some coffee and breakfast. The seating was limited.

We had our coffee and surfed the internet on the high speed connection we so crave. After about an hour of walking the streets and window shopping at the boutique shops we headed back to the bus and had lunch. It sure is nice to always have your house near.